Hy2rogen has launched its latest sample collection Massive Fills & FX Bundle, a huge 8.9GB pack with sounds taken from 51 Hy2rogen releases.

Hy2rogen Massive Fills and FX

Culminating with over 10+ years of creativity and tons of sounds from the laboratory, HY2ROGEN has put together this exclusive offer in the form of smashing edm drum fills, key labelled tonal risers, downlifters, sweeps, uplifters, delay fx, classic fills, fx loops, foley, impacts and many other goodies that sum up the last decade, that you would not be able to obtain without purchasing the majority of our releases.

This whale of a pack comes equipped with 5200+ files of everything you need for that superior layer in terms of atmosphere, extra sauce and variation making tools with the help of sound effects, fills and additional loops for your tracks. We’ve got you covered with all you can eat Fills and FX in this one and they can be used in anything from house, bigroom, progressive, tech house, future, deep, bass, tropical, trap and beyond.

The bundle costs £34.95 GBP. Fills and FX are also sold separately starting from £19.95 GBP.

Released on the Micro Pressure imprint, House Flutes delivers a collection of House oriented flute loops.

Hy2rogen House Flutes

Designed for House, Tech House, Deep House, Tribal House, and anything in between, you can also even stretch and pitch these loops for Trap duties as well.

Similar to our previous House Horns collection we’ve put together a diversified palette of tasty flute loops along with one-shots and MIDI files.

Going from African flutes, bansuri, classical, pan flutes, xiao, bamboo, processed, and many others, this sample pack offers a more oriental touch and can spark serious inspiration when called upon.

The sample pack comes equipped with 100 flute loops delivered as 4+1 bars long (to catch the delay/reverb/release tails) WAV files exported both DRY & WET and tempo-synced at 125BPM. MIDI files come with every loop so you can customize at will. We have also included 100 key labelled flute one-shots to take home to your samplers to play around to build your own loops.

House Flutes costs £12.95 GBP.

Another Micro Pressure series pack is 1000 Vocal Shots Vol. 3, another installment that delivers a gigantic vocal one shot collection.

Hy2rogen 1000 Vocal Shots 3

We’ve got you covered with all types of spoken rap inserts, stuttered vocal chops, diva-infused one note sustains and ohs, pitch perfect vowel sounds that can be played in different keys as a lead, pre-drop screams and bursts, plus hundreds of other vocal materials. You will be scouting this pack for months to come as it can always spark and deliver a fresh scent of inspiration.

This sample pack was made for house, deep house, tech house, future house, bigroom, trap and beyond. We’ve also included the sampler patches as random and organized in keys so you can find and group vocal shots by their specific key.

What you get is 145MB+ of content, totaling 1117 files that include 1000 key labelled vocal one shots and 117 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt and Halion). All of the sounds have been exported as WAV files and at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz.

The pack is available from Loopmasters for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Hy2rogen