HyperSynth ION-editor

HyperSynth has released ION-editor, a MIDI-editor for advanced controlling over the famous Alesis ION analog modeling synthesizer in your DAW.

For rejecting the mouse flicker and reducing zippering noise on MIDI port every knob is specifically programmed to transmit the MIDI messages like a real hardware MIDI controller so ion-editor knobs don’t generate several unwanted data with the same value which is a common issue in the most of the other MIDI-editors. The same pages like the original ion LCD display make the tweaking easy for parameters that need more descriptive information like filter panning, arpeggio, mod matrix and tracking generator.

ION-editor features

  • Support automation for all 234 ION parameters.
  • Flicker Free Knobs (unlike other midi editors!).
  • Remotely changing ION banks and programs.
  • Automatable MIDI-OUT channel.
  • Preset manager with save and load function.
  • Sync to host option for master tempo.
  • Easily tweakable interactive tracking generator and mod matrix.
  • One waveshape display for each oscillator.

Note : ION-editor does not generate any sound itself without using ION synth.

ION-editor is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC. It can be purchased for $30 USD. A demo version of the plug-in can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit HyperSynth for more information.