HyperSynth Soundset-01 Bryan Lee Xenos

HyperSynth has released Soundset-01, a soundset for its SIDizer virtual SID chip synthesizer instrument.

Soundset-01 contains 70 brand new presets programmed by Bryan “Xenos” Lee for Hypersynth SIDizer.

The sounds cover Dubstep, House, Dance, Old School, and Chiptune. All patches are equipped with full modwheel parameter assignments allowing you to modify and tweak the sounds easily.

Presets are available in different formats : FXB, FXP and SIZ. (SIDizer version 1.1 is required for all patches to work perfectly)

The Bryan Lee Soundset-01 for SIDizer is available to purchase for $18 USD.

More information: HyperSynth / Soundset-01