Having announced the HyVibe System available for aftermarket installation on any acoustic guitar earlier in 2021, HyVibe, a sound technology company that uses vibration technology to create the purest possible sound from any object, has now established a network of authorized installers around the world.

The installers and retail shops with installation capabilities report an increase in sales of the HyVibe system and the smart guitars:

“We are obsessed with the creative freedom that the HyVibe audio provides for acoustic players and so are our customers. A leading seller for us by far, our business has increased 140% with the high demand we consistently experience for HyVibe audio equipped guitars. The best part? Our customers absolutely love playing their HyVibe guitars more than their previous favorite and love the ability to choose a guitar of their choice to transform into a smart guitar. We are thrilled to be a small part of this incredible sound revolution and are stoked for future updates as well.” Kristin E. Farraj, Managing Director of Rockin’ Instruments (rockininstruments.com)

HyVibe is open to sign up more installers and retailers for both the HyVibe Smart Guitars and the HyVibe System.

The HyVibe System uses a sensor, high speed processor, and two actuators to transform any acoustic guitar into its own self-amplifying multi-effect processor, looper, amplifier, and Bluetooth speaker – all without cables, amps, or pedals.

This device will inspire any player to play more music at home, on the go, or on the stage. Whether jamming over streamed backing tracks, creating own effects with the HyVibe mobile app, or using the looper to work on new solo melodies, the HyVibe System will transform your guitar into a whole new instrument.

The HyVibe System is available for $395 USD from the manufacturer’s website.