Higher Hz has released a free creative effect plugin that emulates some of the feel and character of analog (BBD) and early digital delay units.

Designed to add depth and sparkle to the sounds in your mix, HZ Delay features tape echo and multi-tap echo, saturation, chorus (simple and BBD), and reverb with early reflections.

This is not a clone of any unit at all so has been built as a new & unique architecture to help bring something different to users’ mixes.

This different approach is evident right away because many typical features are deliberately missing or delivered in a unique way. One of those is that even the “dry” signal is Saturated/Distorted so that when the wet & dry signals are combined, the result is a lot richer than usual. Everything about this unit was designed for character.

Sonic options run through Chorus, Reverb/Early Reflections, Tape Echo, Multi-Tap Echo, and Saturation. Part of the character of HZ Delay comes as you tend to be using some or all of these outcomes all at once.

HZ Delay features

  • Saturation/Drive on input & output.
  • 3 x Delay/Echo Sections (5 total).
  • Hi & Lo Pass Filters.
  • Global Feedback + X-Feedback.
  • Modulation for every echo point.
  • Stereo Width.
  • Mixing options.
  • 8 presets to get your started.

HZ Delay is available to download in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats at no charge.

More information: Higher Hz