Hzandbits has announced the release of Robotics Lab, a sound library featuring 26 minutes of industrial robots, 3D-printers and CNC cutters.

The 788 MB pack includes 62 separate files, recorded in 24bit/96kHz using Sennheiser MKH microphones.

Hzandbits Robotics Lab

This library gives you recordings of two different ABB industrial robots; the large IRB 6620 and the smaller IRB 120. You get both single, isolated movements and more complex sequences with the robots moving on multiple axes simultaneously. Also included are takes of the robots idling, with some subtle but interesting sounds as the result.

I also recorded Ultimaker 2 3D-printers – 3 of them running at once, as well as isolated sounds from a single printer. A large Zünd flatbed CNC-cutter was also recorded. All in all, lots of servos and stepper-motors, with lots of whizzing, whirring, clicking and ratcheting for your sound design projects.

Robotics Lab costs $46 USD.

A 25% discount is available on the whole cart, when you buy Robotics Lab before May 5th. Use coupon ALLTHEBOTS25PCT to take advantage of this offer.

More information: Hzandbits Sound Effects / Robotics Lab