ifoundasound LiveProfessor

ifoundasound has released version 3 alpha of LiveProfessor – The Sound Processor, a Windows program designed to be a effect rack of VST-plugins.

Changes in LiveProfessor alpha 3

  • New features
    • Custom workspaces, save and recall window layouts.
    • Chain MIDI from one unit to the other. Plugins that have MIDI out can now be routed to other plug-in’s input.
    • Clone units, automatically adds a new unit and loads the settings of the cloned unit.
    • Load banks and programs from files ( .fxb, .fxp).
    • Custom shortcuts, add or change keyboard shortcuts.
    • MIDI panic function (can be assigned a keyboard shortcut from the shortcut manager).
    • Right clicking on the navigator now brings up a menu to add, remove or clone a unit.
    • Hold down ALT and Scroll to Zoom out the window, makes it easier to rearrange windows.
  • Fixes
    • Tuner plug-ins not showing right (problem with plugin time info).
    • Shared MIDI input dies on removing a unit.
    • Bugs in routing window that made connections “stick”.
    • A lot of smaller bug fixes.

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