Igor Vasiliev has launched its new app SoundSaw, a complex sound processing app with easy-to-use controls designed to distort and give your sound the aesthetics and atmosphere of noise, lo-fi, chiptune and experimental music scene.

Depending on the settings, it can add light distortion and saturation to the sound for a more natural and lively sound, or drastically change the sound and make it as loud and harsh as possible, full of all kinds of harmonics, crackles and rattles. The settings of this app provide great opportunities for experiments with sound destruction.

All controls are located on a single screen, grouped by function into six sections with a plain way of signal path from the first section “Input” to the last section “Output”. The chain of individual effects in this app is designed in such a way as to get the most interesting result for any parameter values in the widest possible range.

SoundSaw simulates different types of signal processing electronic circuits and their typical harmonic saturation and noise (static and dynamic). It features a maximizer, overload effect, decimator and bitcrusher, feedback, 4-pole filter, envelope generator, and a filter on the output.

The SoundSaw app is available for purchase at the App Store, priced $4.99 USD.