IK Multimedia has announced a limited time promotion on the Fender Collection 2 collection of classic Fender tube amps in celebration of its 5th anniversary.

No Fender fan should be without this collection of 7 classic amps and cabs for guitar and bass. Fender Collection 2 offers the glorious “tweeds” from the ’57 Custom Series, a refined, player-centric take on a classic platform that includes the ’57 Deluxe, the ’57 Champ, ’57 Pro, ’57 Twin and ’57 Bandmaster. Check out the video to hear them all.

Plus with Fender Collection 2, you get a spot-on model of an original 1953 Bassman and a 1965 blackface Super Reverb. With the ability to tweak every aspect of each, you’ll find exactly the tone you’re looking for.

Fender Collection 2 is on sale for 69.99 USD/EUR through February 1st, 2022 (regular 149.99 USD/EUR).

More information: IK Multimedia