IK Multimedia has announced that it will extend the current Group Buy promotion through September when a total of 10,000 participants is reached by the end of August.

That’s another whole month to reach the 25th-anniversary goal of 25 products for the price of 1. This weekend, we’ve already reached the 8th tier of the Group Buy with over 8,000 total qualifying purchases made.

If you were one of the participants, thank you! Don’t forget you can make a second purchase to raise the counter and double up on FREE software! If you weren’t one of the participants, it’s time to act. Just make any qualifying purchase at the link below, register your product and then grab your 8 FREE titles (maybe 9 by the time you read this) with more to come!

And don’t forget to spread the word. Only a few days left in August and a couple of friends could help push us past the goal line.

More information: IK Multimedia