IK Multimedia has introduced a new genre-authentic audiophile sound library for SampleTank 4 and the next in a new series of multitrack audio loop libraries. Created by acclaimed Cuban Producer and Musician Alex Rivas, Salsa Percussion Loops offers real-world tools for arranging any part of a salsa song.

Users get all the percussion instruments necessary to make a salsa song from beginning to end: including timbales, congas, timbale with kick and snare, bongo, multiple types of handbells and guiros. For instant creativity, all instrument sounds are organized by song section: Intro, Verse, Cascaras, Fill, Chorus, Pre-Chorus, Cha-Cha and Cuban Style Bomba.

Salsa Percussion Loops also includes a playable “Salsa Percussion Kit” preset with 59 different percussion timbres to play on top of the loops or to build original Latin percussion tracks from scratch. All in all, users get 155 presets for SampleTank 4.

The library is available to purchase for 49.99 USD/EUR ex. taxes where applicable.

To coincide with this SampleTank library release, IK continues its SampleTank Squared promotion, offering a way to earn up to 64 libraries for SampleTank and Syntronik titles for free.

More information: IK Multimedia