IK Multimedia has announced the release of Syntronik 2, a comprehensive collection of rare and sought-after synths powered by IK’s advanced sampling techniques, combined with a hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine to deliver stunning sonic accuracy and the deepest editing.

The massively enhanced successor to the previous release adds 11 legendary synths, exciting new, advanced, and much-requested functionality, and a huge number of all-new presets for the 22 original synths taking advantage of all these new features.

Syntronik 2 offers 33 synths in all, available in 4 different versions or as individual instruments. There are over 5,500 presets that cover a wide range of sounds from 54 of the most iconic to ultra-rare vintage synthesizers. For fans of the original version, all of the Syntronik and Syntronik Deluxe legacy presets are also included and sound identical in Syntronik 2.

An easy-to-use layering interface lets users quickly map and play up to 4 different synthesizer parts simultaneously, as well as create advanced splits for maximum flexibility and live performance, while a brand-new controller for Syntronik 2 offers detailed filtering of sustain, PB, MW and AT per part for unparalleled sound design.

Changes in Syntronik 2

  • 11 new synths based on rare and sought-after models. See all the new gear in Syntronik 2.
  • 3,300 new presets for all 33 synths including the 22 original synths from Syntronik and Syntronik Deluxe.
  • New presets use the updated SampleTank 4 engine.
  • All legacy presets and samples included sound identical to Syntronik 1 with our dual-engine architecture.
  • Wave Set Browser lets you choose the sound in each of up to 4 oscillators and 2 suboscillators per preset.
  • New EDIT panel with modulation matrix offers deep editing beyond the capabilities of the original hardware synths.
  • New Step Sequencer in the PLAYER panel for flexible and expressive rhythmic textures.
  • Controller Filters in the MULTI panel let you filter out sustain pedal, pitch bend, mod wheel and aftertouch for each of the 4 Parts.
  • 33 new effects (71 total effects including the stellar Vintage Plate reverb).
  • Disk streaming lets you load presets faster and can be adjusted to match your drive type.
  • All synths work as libraries inside SampleTank 4 alongside SampleTron 2, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Cinekinetik, Electromagnetik, etc.

Users can explore an array of iconic synthesizers with Syntronik 2 CS, the fully functional and expandable free version of Syntronik 2 with 100 instrument presets, 2.4 GB of sound content, 71 effects, 4 Parts, Multis and arpeggiators.

Syntronik 2 for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats) is available at a limited-time introductory price (all pricing excluding taxes):

  • Syntronik 2 SE: 99.99 USD/EUR (regular 149.99 USD/EUR) – an accessibly priced version offering 11 synths, 1,000 presets and 13 GB of sounds.
  • Syntronik 2: 199.99 USD/EUR (regular 299.99 USD/EUR) – 22 synths, over 4,000 presets and 80 GB of sounds, powered by a state-of-the-art new audio engine.
  • Syntronik 2 MAX: 299.99 USD/EUR (regular 399.99 USD/EUR) – all 33 synths, over 5,500 presets and 210 GB of sounds for a comprehensive synth collection.

Owners of qualifying IK products can log in to their IK user account and add Syntronik 2 MAX to cart to see the special crossgrade and upgrade pricing available to them. For a limited time, purchasers of Total Studio 3.5 MAX or Total VI MAX will receive Syntronik 2 for free.

More information: IK Multimedia