Audio Plugin Deals continues its 12 Deals of Xmas promotion with a sale on the T-RackS Space Delay by IK Multimedia, offering a 55% discount on the effect plugin that delivers the warm, rich tape echo of an icon, recreated down to the finest detail.

Tape echo offers a unique sonic signature, and perhaps no unit offers a more recognizable sound than the Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Now you can enjoy the endlessly flexible controls and the instantly recognizable organic sound of this classic delay unit, captured with an unprecedented level of detail in the T-RackS Space Delay.

First produced in 1974, the RE-201 offered 3 playback heads, variable speed motor and onboard spring reverb. Its 12 operating modes offered a massive range of warm, rich analog soundscapes for music production and sound design. The limitless potential, ease of use and incredible sound made it a favorite of artists across the globe and in countless genres, from Bob Marley to Brian Eno, Pink Floyd to Portishead, Sublime to Sonic Youth, Randy Rhoads to Radiohead, heard on literally thousands of songs and still in high demand today.

Using the same mix of dynamic convolution and physical modeling as IK’s Tape Machine Collection, the T-RackS Space Delay captures the sound of this iconic effect, down to the finest detail.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac, T-RackS Space Delay is priced $44.99 USD instead of $99.99 USD until January 2nd, 2023.

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