Image-Line has announced a new beta version of the upcoming FL Studio 12.9 update of the music production software for Windows and macOS.

Beta 6 includes various new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Image Line FL Studio 12.9 beta6

Changes in FL Studio 12.9 beta 6

  • Added latency compensation for side inputs and outputs of Channels and Effect plugins.
  • New stutter patterns for Clip chopping.
  • Option to resize all playlist tracks to a specific percentage.
  • Piano roll: Renamed “Select possible conflicts” to “Select overlapping notes”.
  • “Shared data folder” has been renamed to “User data folder” in File settings.
  • The floating hint bar is now never shown when the option is off.
  • Toolbar: Online panel and Downloader button are now separate items. Stay-down buttons are now orange. Main pitch knob now snaps at 100 cents.
  • “Touch keyboard” has been renamed to “Touch controller”.
  • User data folder is automatically searched for samples (doesn’t have to be in the search path list).
  • Control Surface: snap to grid option.
  • DrumSynth Live: Added send track names to control’s popup menu.
  • DrumSynth Live: Send works for any mixer track now.
  • Plugin Manager: Plugins can be dragged to FL to load them.
  • Slicex: Added popup with track names to send control.
  • Countdown before recording is now off by default.
  • ZGE Visualizer: improved FFT quality.

FL Studio users can now download the beta from the Looptalk forum. The beta expires May 24th.

More information: Image-Line