Image-Line FL Studio 9.8

Image-Line has released version 9.8 beta of FL Studio, a music production software for Windows.

The changes are mainly bug-fixes and a few new features like Score PDF output from the Piano roll.

Changes in FL Studio 9.8 beta

  • Additions:
    • Alt key flips snapping instead of forcing it off.
    • New “Frozen LFO” option in envelopes.
    • “Multilink to controllers”‘s popup now features single last tweaked parameter.
    • Score export to PDF file.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed piano roll zoom bug.
    • Bugfix in Vocodex’s sidechain selector.
    • DirectWave: fixed “random” rename of DW channel on reload.
    • Newtone: reset playback position when stopping playback in FL.
    • Newtone: fixed crash copying notes.
    • Newtone: fixed clicks/pops on audio export.
    • Newtone: made sample loading safer.
    • Newtone: changed note center behaviour.
    • Newtone: fixed display of bars when time signature changes.
    • Newtone: fixed midi timing issue.
    • Soundfont Player: disabled threaded processing.
    • Wrapper: fixed buffer crash in bridged effects.
    • Wrapper: fixed initial i/o assignment for bridged plugins.
    • Wrapper: avoid division by zero errors in bridge.
    • Wrapper: fixed crash on exit for bridged plugins in some circumstances.
    • Wrapper: fixed detection of 64bit dlls.
    • Wrapper: other changes and fixes for bridge.

The FL Studio 9.8 Beta is now available to registered FL Studio user. The new beta expires 28 February, 2011.

More information: Image-Line