Imaginando has announced a major new version of the DRC software synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Version 2.9.0 comes with some exciting new sonic capabilities, new modulation possibilities, plus a brand new recording feature for the Android version. Additionally, DRC is now available as a macOS single universal binary with native Apple Silicon Apple / M1 support.

DRC is a powerful virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer that recreates the characteristic sound of an analog synthesizer providing a minimal but powerful set of parameters, for limited but incredible sonic capabilities.

With the cloud preset sync technology, DRC enables you to sync patches across devices effortlessly. With this powerful feature, you can seamlessly start the creative process on one device and continue on another.

Changes in DRC v2.9.0

  • macOS universal binary (native Intel and Apple Silicon support in one binary).
  • New EG 2 invert feature.
  • New LFO’s polarity mode feature.
  • New LFO’s phase offset feature.
  • New LFO one-shot mode.
  • New panel for keyboard modulations always accessible.
  • New PWM modulation source EG (1/2).
  • New PWM modulation source selector (LFO 1/2 or EG 1/2).
  • New Pitch Modulation range slider (1-8 octaves).
  • New built in audio recorder (Android only).
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

DRC is available for purchase at the Imaginando store and from distributor Plugin Boutique for 89 EUR.