Impact Soundworks has announced the launch of its 2022 Black Friday Sale, offering a discount on bundles of its Kontakt instrument libraries and sound packs for the next few days.

Every bundle we offer is discounted beyond our everyday bundle deals. Introducing six new bundles to inspire your music. Complete your bundle – get an additional discount for every item in a bundle you already own! These are some incredible deals, as much as 60 to 70% off total list price.

Besides popular bundles such as Instruments of Japan, Shreddage 3, and Ventus Winds, the following new bundles are now available:

  • Time-Saving Phrase Bundle $179 USD: For busy producers and composers who need guitars and vocals fast! Five mix-ready phrase libraries in one convenient bundle.
  • Colossal Scoring Bundle $299 USD: A bundle of 5 sample libraries and 1 plugin for scoring powerful, gritty, in-your-face action scenes.
  • Ethereal World Bundle $279 USD: A bundle full of evocative, haunting, and highly expressive vocals, woodwinds, world instruments, and tonal percussion.
  • Nashville Bundle B $249 USD: Three guitar libraries and one hybrid guitar-keyboard library for pop, rock, country, and more.
  • Nashville Bundle A $399 USD: A bundle of guitar and horn sample libraries for jazz, blues, country, bluegrass and more.
  • Fantasy World Bundle $179 USD: Plucked and bowed strings, drums, choir, and folk wind instruments for ethereal fantasy tracks.

The offer is valid until November 29th, 2022.

More information: Impact Soundworks