Impact Soundworks has launched its new Kontakt Player-powered Riffage: Metal, a loopable rhythm guitar phrase library featuring a huge variety of riffs, licks, and chugs performed by multi-instrumentalist Patrick Windsor on a Gibson Explorer with a Dirty Fingers pickup.

Need a metal rhythm track for your searing Shreddage solo? Or an instantly pro-sounding metal rhythm guitar track for a project under a tight deadline? Riffage: Metal brings the virtuosic performance of a seasoned professional metal guitarist into your productions with efficiency and speed.

The 300 patterns give you the best of both worlds: the generous variety of phrases and subtle variations in performance that a live player brings with the production-ready sound and efficiency of a phrase library.

Audition phrases lightning quick in the browser and narrow your search using the provided keywords. Play phrases in any key and in an impressively wide range of tempos. Create a full-fledged rhythm guitar track within minutes!

Riffage: Metal features

  • 300 phrases, covering everything from doom to thrash.
  • Riffs, licks and chugs recorded at 80, 120, 160 BPM.
  • Easy browsing using keywords.
  • Playable in all keys, at just about any tempo.
  • Production-ready with an amped signal.
  • Craft your own tone with the optional DI signal.
  • WAV files available for drag-and-drop directly into your DAW.

The library is on sale for the intro price of $59 USD for a limited time (regular $79 USD).

More information: Impact Soundworks