Impact Soundworks has introduced its latest virtual guitar instrument, featuring the sounds of a steel-stringed Taylor 414ce acoustic guitar.

Powered by the free Kontakt Player, Rosette Fingerstyle is the first in Impact Soundworks’ new Rosette line of acoustic guitars.

To capture the tone and character of this beautiful instrument, we experimented with a dozen mics for several months before ultimately choosing a KM184 stereo pair and U87 to record both essential, up-close detail of the fingers on the strings, plus the guitar’s warmth and resonance. This guitar model also has a pickup, allowing us to include a DI signal for even more versatility.

In our quest for the highest realism and expressiveness, we sampled in obsessive detail. Every fret. Every string. Every finger. Across 5 dynamics and 10 round robins.

The result is a superbly expressive sound with the nearly infinite variations you would hear from a real guitarist.

Rosette Fingerstyle is on sale for the intro price of $149 USD for a limited time (regular $179 USD).

More information: Impact Soundworks