Impact Soundworks has announced the release of its debut solo vocal library Allura Volume 1, featuring the performances of award-winning soprano Jillian Aversa.

Allura is an inspiring library of vocal performances for Kontakt and Wav, all tagged for inspiration. Now you can have the voice featured in games like Halo, Civilization, God of War, Soulcalibur and more.

Impact Soundworks Allura Vol 1 Kontakt

This enchanting instrument offers 150 unique, ethereal vocal phrases across 4 keys, 3 tempi, multiple modes and time signatures. The phrases all have evocatively named groups and detailed tags so you can either start a composition with an inspiring performance, or easily fit one into your existing piece.

Every aspect of the library is designed to be super-friendly for composers. All phrases can be played in any key, and all performances were recorded to a set tempo as we understand ‘freeform’ phrases can be difficult to use. The phrases are wordless and performed on the vowels “oo” or “ah” so that lyrics don’t distract from your writing. If you don’t want to use our very flexible Kontakt engine for finding, editing, and playing phrases, you can simply use them directly in your DAW with clearly labeled WAV files.

All these features, combined with bonus single note “oo” and “ah” sustains, morphs, and atmospheric FX, make Allura – in our humble opinion – an essential tool for any media composer seeking an ethereal voice for their compositions.

Allura Vol. 1 features

  • 150 unique phrases x 4 keys.
  • Crystal-clear studio recordings.
  • Wordless, ethereal phrases.
  • Single notes with 2 dynamics, vibrato.
  • 25 designed atmospheres.
  • Also provided as WAV.
  • Tag-based browser.
  • Search by scale/mode, vowel, time signature.
  • Phrase tweaks: volume, start/end, tune, formant.
  • Assign multiple octaves of phrases at once.

Allura Vol. 1 is available for purchase for $59 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks