Impact Soundworks has just released a virtual pipe organ featuring the sound of the Schlicker Pipe Organ at SUNY Fredonia. The Fredonia Grand Organ was designed to give musicians and composers absolute control over the tone, capture the unique voice of this distinctive pipe organ, and deliver a high level of realism.

Fredonia Grand Organ can produce a wide range of sounds, from delicate and ethereal to booming and massive, through its 39 individually-sampled stops. The 2,469 pipes of the original instrument have been exhaustively recorded with four mic positions and four divisions (Swell, Positive, Pedal, and Great).

“With this library, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for composers to harness the rich sound of a grand organ,” said Andrew Aversa, founder of Impact Soundworks. “With just a few clicks or key presses it’s possible to completely change the timbre of the instrument and get your own unique tone.”

For musicians new to the pipe organ, Fredonia Grand Organ offers a range of handcrafted presets, as well as a “stop randomizer” that produces a brand-new tone combination with each click. Experienced composers and organists looking to write or perform organ repertoire will find the key features of a real organ faithfully reproduced, including crescendo and swell controls, tremulants, and the ability to control each division with a separate MIDI channel.

Priced $129 USD, Fredonia Grand Organ for Kontakt Player is now available at the Impact Soundworks store.