Impact Soundworks has published the third episode of its Shreddage 3 masterclass series.

In the second part of “Articulations” you can learn important articulations like palm mutes, staccatos, and powerchords, along with how to write killer, thick rhythm guitar parts that have weight and expression.

Episode 3 of our SHREDDAGE 3 masterclass series on using, performing, and writing for virtual guitars.

This tutorial video in our Novice Unit covers rhythm articulations like palm mutes and staccatos, as well as powerchords and release articulations. You’ll learn useful writing and layering techniques to make your rhythm parts sound huge!

The MIDI files from this video are available for download and you can visit Impact Soundworks for more on details on all S3 guitars (VST, AU, AAX – Kontakt Player compatible).

More information: Impact Soundworks