Impact Soundworks has announced the release of a new sample library featuring 5 modern acoustic drum kits plus an acoustic drum ensemble, performed by Japan’s top session talent, and recorded in the same space and with the same engineer as last year’s Tokyo Scoring Strings.

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits captures the unique, exciting sound heard in many anime openings and video game battle themes, but it is flexible and detailed enough for everyday use in a wide range of genres.

Each of the 5 exhaustively-sampled drum kits has a unique sound ideal for different styles of music such as rock, pop and metal. Every individual piece is recorded in extensive detail with up to 10x dynamics and 10x round robins, and users can mix and match components of these kits to create their ideal tone. Additionally, the drum ensemble features three kits played simultaneously to instantly deliver an epic sound.

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits features performances by top session drummer Ken Higeshiro, whose work can be heard on over 200 projects and who is a frequent collaborator with well-regarded Japanese composers such as Hiroyuki Sawano, Yuki Hayashi, and Masaru Yokoyama.

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits was created in collaboration with legendary recording engineer Mitsunori Aizawa, who was also part of Tokyo Scoring Strings and who is a specialist in recording and mixing drums. This library includes two complete sample sets: the core sample set, which offers maximum mix flexibility, and the Aizawa signature samples, which were exhaustively mixed and processed through his personal hardware.

“TSDK delivers the perfect combination of world-class drum sounds with enough control and mix possibilities to satisfy even the most advanced power user,” said ISW CEO Andrew Aversa. “The demos from our beta testers, which use only the library’s internal mixing tools, showcase just how flexible and versatile these kits can be.”

Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits is now available for Kontakt Player at the introductory price of $279 USD through January 3rd, 2022 (MSRP $299 USD).

More information: Impact Soundworks