has announced the release of Convology, an impulse response library of well over 950+ one of a kind FX / SFX encompassing 100’s of the most unique Real Spaces ever captured.

Film, Industrial, Commercial and Songwriter’s alike, will fully utilize and endorse this incredible new pallet of sound FX and SFX, created with some of the most exotic impulse responses ever captured! With new sounds, FX and SFX to work with, your productions will explode with creativity not currently available in any other software or hardware box – guaranteed!

Convology Platinum IR Edition features

  • Convology FX-SFX IR Collection – 300+ FX /SFX
  • Convology Outside Impulse Response Collection – 100+ Outside IRs
  • Convology One Shots IR Collection – 100 One Shot IRs
  • Convology Cartoon & Character Voice IR Collection – 114 Cartoon/Character Voice IRs
  • Complete Real Space – 258 Real Space IRs
  • Surreal Library – 77 Surreal IRs
  • All preserved in 96/24 wav files to capture every nuance in your recordings.
  • Limited and subtle EQ taking advantage of the widest range and scope of each IR file for playability and use making sure that each IR remains consistent and accurate to the original sonic blueprint of the space recorded.
  • Compatible with virtually every convolution player on the market.

The Convology Platinum IR Edition is available for purchase for $139.95 USD. Separate IR libraries are also available starting at $29.95 USD.

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