Industrial Strength BHK Heavy

Industrial Strength Records has released BHK Heavy, a new sample library for Propellerhead’s Reason.

BHK’s Heavy contains 163 various Combinator patches geared for Bass music. All the BHK patches come with 7 specially created Combinators so you can intuitively control the most important parameters for DnB, Dubstep, Fidget and Grime sounds.

For example the backdrops has been special designed so you can precisely point on the waveform, Lfo rate and shaper type that your looking for with one easy turn of the rotary’s. All the patches are purposely dry to give you more headroom to expand on creativity while using this Refill.

This pack also features a Frequency Splitter Combinator Fx and two extra Combinators for audio one shots which will allow you to shape your own filter waveforms and create complex bass line modulation patterns. You can also control the filter LFO modulation for each note in your bass line or riff.

BHK Heavy is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / BHK Heavy