Industrial Strength Akinsa - DnB Restructure

Industrial Strength Samples has released Akinsa – DnB Restructure, a collection of 400MB+ of loops and samples for drum and bass music production.

Designer Akinsa creates dark meditative rhythms and loops for serious DnB production. Audio designed for the solitary journey as well as the collaborative dance floor. This pack dives deep into a slew of spot on drum loops, layers, and Reece Bass sounds for heavy studio deconstruction.

Akinsa’s music has support from such artist as Loxy, Overlook, Ink, Fanu, Reza, Ahmad and many others. This drop and rock pack is ready for any Daw.

Dnb Restructures contains 24 Bit Wav samples designed from the ground up to allow other producers to combine all the audio and turn it into a new creation with ease. The multi layered grooves can be cut up, mashed together, or left as is. This incredible pack gives you ultimate flexibility while using these amazing drum loops.

This fresh new audio loop pack comes equipped with all the tools you need to create and develop your own drum grooves, take it up a notch and seamlessly add your layers and effects to make your own signature drum beats for any style of drum and bass you wish.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £21.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Akinsa – DnB Restructure