Industrial Strength Samples has launched its new sample pack Mechanized Techno, a collection of loop kits, loops and samples for Techno music production.

Industrial Strength Samples Mechanized Techno

This incredible new pack is all ready to go at 128-Bpm. Each Loop Kit features everything u here in the Demo Track, plus all the one shots that make up each Kit. These kick ass Loop Kits can also be used as DJ Tools in NI Traktor Remix Decks for Ultimate flexibility.

Mechanized Techno is set up to mix and match the Kits, so you can create new and exciting new Grooves and Backing Drums. We left enough head room so you can add tons of effects and make them sound your way !

If you ever got one of our Loop Kit Packs you already know whats coming. We included over 1.60 GB of pure content. No Fillers and No extra files that are the same just in another format. You get it all. We offer you loads of Drum Shots, Strange Drones, FX, and a Dope set of Techno Loops to use anyway you like.

Mechanized Techno features

  • 1.60 GB content, 463 files in total.
  • 29 loop kits with 29 full loops, 272 audio files from loop kits.
  • Additional production audio: 20 drones, 20 drops, 30 fx hits, 10 fx loops, 20 impacts, 20 kick loops, 20 risers, 30 top loops.

The sample pack costs £17.95 GBP.

Also available is Uptempo Synths, a collection of synth presets and samples for producers of up-tempo hardcore.

Industrial Strength Samples Uptempo Synths

This pack is geared up and ready for your studio. We included real Up-tempo synth presets mixed with amazing new set of bad ass Modern Kick Drum Audio. This a powerful combination. This pack is another essential tool when producing this insane style of Hardcore music.

Uptempo synths comes direct and in your face. We included Hard Synth Sounds, Squeals, Screeches. and of course Heavy Duty Leads.

All our synths are made form the ground up. Of course all our Kick Drums are made form the ground up too. You get a unique set of professional sounds to use and abuse your way. Like all our packs this incredible studio weapon is 100% hands down.

Uptempo Synths features

  • 10 NI Massive presets.
  • 10 Spire presets.
  • 20 Sylenth1 presets.
  • 15 Xfer Serum presets.
  • Production audio: 40 up-tempo bass drums, 21 synth loops, 55 preset synths, 10 kick drum fills, 5 fx files, 5 top loops, 3 kick drum tails, 4 attack kicks.

Uptempo Synths costs £22.95 GBP. The synth presets and audio content are also available separately.

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