Inear Display has announced an update to its creative dual-band delay effect designed to facilitate the creation of otherworldly echoes and resonances.

Version 1.1 of Interstice adds locks for the dry/wet, cutoff and resonance parameters to avoid value changes when loading a preset or using the randomizer. The interface has also been improved.

It splits the input signal into low and high frequencies using a resonant filter to add extra harmonics to the sound. Each band then goes through a delay with a complex feedback path consisting of a diffusion network and a damping filter. A pitch-shifter can optionally process the signal pre or post delay to create complex overtones. A drift modulator can also impact key parameters of the circuit.

Interstice was designed with dense and psychedelic ambient sounds in mind, to turn a simple synthesizer note or a short sample into a cascade of esoteric tones, but it also shines as a resonator on top of more rhythmically complex signals.

Priced 29 EUR + VAT, Interstice is available in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac. The update is free to existing owners of the plugin.

More information: Inear Display