Plugin Boutique has launched a Black Friday promotion on Inertia Sound Systems, offering a 60% discount on two of its audio plugins for a limited time.

Inertia Sound Systems aims to produce creative audio processing tools that will inspire you to delve into uncharted sonic territories. As musicians, they strive to inject personality, life and character into their tools. As engineers and developers, they value robust, usable systems.

On sale for $38 USD, Granulizer 2 is a granular synthesis software synthesizer intended for creative sound design. The synthesizer features a versatile DSP engine that is able to deliver a wide sound palette, with sounds varying from metallic crunch and grainy fuzziness to smooth reverb-like tones, spectral widening or chaotic soundscapes.

Not just another distortion, dynamics processing, or tone shaping audio engine, Instinct is described as a living organism. This plugin can create new worlds from the sound you feed it with, varying from smooth analog warmth or dynamics processing to total destruction, aggressiveness and alienation. Instinct is just $29 USD during the promotion, which ends December 5th, 2021.

Both plugins are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, with support for VST/VST3, and AU formats.

More information: Inertia Sound Systems