Plugin Boutique has extended the sale on the InstaSeries Bundle, offering a 87% discount on the bundle comprising the InstaScale and InstaChord MIDI plugins.

W.A. Production InstaSeries Bundle

The plugins are designed to help you with scales and chord progressions.

Explore your innermost creativity and rekindle your inspiration with endless combinations and possibilities. Both plugins are user-friendly, clearly labeled and easy to navigate. Since they are lightweight they won’t devour your CPU.

As a professional with time restrictions and deadlines who has time to sit and play the guessing game or looking up what the 4th degree of an A major is? Or what the 3rd chord in C major is? Get the perfect scale and the perfect chord in an instant with InstaSeries.

Instascale is a scale oriented instrument that can be used as an educational tool to learn scales or expand your current knowledge, as an outlet for creativity, as a quick reference, or to be applied to your live set. Explore the world of scales and expand your creativity in a way that you never have before.

InstaChord helps you find chords that work well together and build a perfect chord progression with just a few clicks. You can transpose chords to any key you want and in addition to having access to chords and being able to set a progressions, Instachord offers great playability.

The InstaSeries Bundle is on sale for only $9.90 USD until January 7th, 2019. The regular price is $89 USD.

More information: W.A. Production