iraisynn.attinom has released version 1.12 of araucann, a randomizable synthesizer instrument for Windows.

iraisynn.attinom araucann

It offers frequency modulation, amplitude (ring) modulation, phase modulation, additive and subtractive synthesis techniques, all at the same time. It has 6 filtered oscillators modulated by 32 envLFOs (envelopes and LFOs that interact with each other).

araucann does not rely on presets. It is completely randomizable and produces very complex and unique sounds at the push of a button.

Changes in araucann v1.12

  • “Freezing” fixed / workaround. “freezing” now automatically sets gmm to zero and resets araucann.
  • Optimized sine oscillators.
  • Included INIT preset and button.
  • Added phase control for every OSC and LFO.
  • Changed DC offset removal algorithm.
  • Added white noise oscillator.
  • All oscillators amplification range is now -1 … 1 instead of 0 … 1.
  • Changed knob accuracy and resolution when shift is pressed.
  • Set presets default folder to the plugin installation folder.
  • Fixed some description typos.
  • Fixed some preset saving/loading errors.
  • Fixed an error in the main filter envelopes.

araucann is available as a 32-bit VST plugin for Windows, priced at 24 EUR. A free demo version can be downloaded.

More information: iraisynn.attinom / araucann