Isla Instruments has announced a major OS update to the S2400 Sampler inspired by legendary vintage samplers. The update adds two important new features: USB Audio and MIDI Tracks.

This is the biggest OS update since the S2400 release and includes many other improvements, features, and fixes.

The S2400 is a sampling drum machine inspired by legendary vintage samplers. It adds modern convenience and functionality whilst retaining old school sound and workflow. Choose from modern 16-Bit 48Khz ‘Hi-Fi’, or 12-Bit 26Khz ‘Classic’ sampling/playback engines. Chop samples in seconds using the OLED screen. Sample, sequence and arrange entire songs. The S2400 is a modern production machine with an old school heart.

Changes in S2400 OS update

  • Full sound card functionality with 2-in / 10-out USB audio (48kHz, 16-bit).
  • Outputs 10 channels of USB Audio. Stereo mix plus eight individual channels.
  • USB sampling allows recording of stereo USB Audio from a computer.
  • Up to 32 tracks of MIDI recording and playback.
  • Can function as MIDI controller with flexible MIDI fader/knob assignments.
  • Improvements to Live Looping.
  • Enhanced MIDI control of Sample tracks.
  • Undo/Redo for pattern editing.
  • Many other small improvements and fixes.

The OS update is available now from the Isla Instruments website, free to all S2400 owners.

On Friday July 16th, 2021, at 4pm (EDT) Isla Instruments CEO, Brad Holland, will be hosting a Youtube event to celebrate and demonstrate the new features.

More information: Isla Instruments