Isotonik Studios has announced Modular Series LE, a new subscription based service that offers a new Ableton Live device every week.

For quite a while we’ve been building a collection of simple MaxforLive devices that do just one thing but they do it really well, some of them we’ve given away others have been bonus devices in packs.

Now we’ve decided to let you have them on a weekly basis, simply sign up and each week a new device will land in your inbox ready to be installed and enjoyed.
We’ll not charge you anything to get them, but if you like them when the flow of devices ends leave your subscription running and we’ll charge just £10.00 for them, that’s less than a pound per device!

If you don’t want to pay the end amount on conclusion of receiving all of the devices, simply cancel your subscription with no questions asked. We can’t say fairer than that!

Included on a week by week basis are Clip Gain, Set Tempo, Set Time Signature, Sound File Recorder, Clip Nudge, Track Routing, Clip Pitch, Roller, Clip Warp, Arrange Looper, Return, and Clip to Scene Re-Namer.

More information: Isotonik Studios