Isotonik Studios has announced the release of a granular looping and layering device by Aqusmatiq Audio, a new company founded by experienced audio software developers Diego Capoccitti, Maurizio Giri, and Alessandro Petrolati.

A real-time audio “delay mangler”, the Dedalus Delay features a network of delay lines that is granulated and modulated, producing a labyrinth of echoes, which are further processed by filters, dynamic processors, and saturation modules.

You can add reverb-like ambiences to your tracks, create evolving resonances, add rhythmic pulsations, or layer sounds in chaotic and unpredictable ways. What sets Dedalus apart is its ability to generate amazing organic and evolving soundscapes, from subtle chorus effects to pure noise. With its intuitive interface and wide range of parameters, Dedalus makes creating truly unique and immersive sound experiences easy.

Dedalus Delay features

  • Delay can be set in rhythmic values, in seconds and also ad MIDI note pitches (resonances).
  • Delay time can be continuously varied and granulated.
  • Feedback can be set up to 200% to create infinite ever-changing resonances. A limiter within the feedback circuit prevents the uncontrolled increase in sound volume.
  • 2 cascaded 4th-order filters (low-pass and high-pass) allow shaping of the sound spectrum within the feedback loop.
  • overdrive module creates a warm distortion that gives depth to the sound.
  • duck/gate dynamics processor allows the sound produced by the delay to “breathe” along with the rhythmic accents of the incoming sound.
  • 8 modulators that can be used to vary all parameters. One modulator can modulate another modulator and even modulate itself. You can draw the waveform of the modulator, use a step sequencer or a random waveform generator.

Available in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Dedalus Delay is on sale for the intro price of £17 GBP until March 31st, 2023 (regular £44 GBP). Prices incl. VAT.

More information: Isotonik Studios