Isotonik Studios launches Modular Series – Smart Five for Max for Live


Isotonik Studios has announced an update to its Smart, a Modular Series Max for Live device.

Smart Five can be used to control up to 8 individual parameters at a time, with a Smart Graph for each parameter. It now integrates with Live 10 and Ableton Push 2.

Isotonik Studios Smart Five

Smart is a Max4Live device that can be used to control up to 8 individual parameters at a time. Each parameter gets it’s own Smart Graph where you can draw how you’d like the parameter to be modulated as the main dial is turned.

Like Macro Mapping in an Effects Rack you can define the minimum and maximum value for the parameter range, however uniquely you can define when the parameter begins and ends reacting to a master dial being turned. You can even plot a specific path for the modulation which can also be curved…

Smart Five is available for £16.99 GBP excl. VAT.

Smart is part of the Modular Series along with Follow Five and this update is free to existing subscribers (just log into your account to download).

More information: Isotonik Studios

Isotonik Studios Smart Five Curves

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