Isotonik Studios has launched a new volume of Coffee & Beats, a sound pack by Bo Nurmi for the Novation Circuit groovebox.

The collection features 64 Circuit patches (plus bonus patches), and 64 carefully selected drum samples from the Sonic Treats series, sampled from the Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine and processed. Additionally, over 100 bonus Wav drum samples are included from Sonic Treats Vol 1 and 2.

It seems fitting in the week that saw Novation push the boundaries once more and launch Firmware Version 1.6 (WOW PANNING & TRIPLETS! WE DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING!) we return for the next instalment of the Coffee & Beats Series.

After the massive success of the 80’s inspired Delorean Dream it was down to Bo under his BoBeats moniker to pick up the baton and deliver a pack that was up to our newly elevated standards and boy has he delivered!

As the follow up to Coffee & Beats Volume ONE BoBeats set out with an aim to create a pack where each sound can be tweaked to get the most out of the 64 patch slots.

Coffee & Beats Vol 2 is available for £12.99 GBP.

More information: Isotonik Studios