Isotonik Studios has launched an update to the Glitch Pack, a collection of Max for Live devices by Ned Rush.

One of the first products we released from our Isotonik Collective was the Ned Rush Audio Collection, a large suite of MaxforLive devices to effect audio. Built in Max 6 each could be viewed as not being out of place in the early seventies for their appearance as a disco revival!

Now Ned’s been hard at work firstly opening up his own studio, HyperReal Studios and secondly refreshing each of the devices in the Audio Collection.
We’ve split the larger pack into two, the Glitch Pack & the FX Pack and today we’ve released the final update for the Glitch Pack.

Consisting of four separate MaxforLive devices to glitch up incoming audio or samples this innovative pack can create new audio in seconds without having to spend hours cutting and splicing together audio clips.
Ned’s recorded a set of walkthrough videos to show the how the effects work and the sort of instant results you can achieve!

Glitch Pack features

  • KNOBULATOR – Based around a giant dial and a bunch of FX, you effect the incoming audio as the dial is turned (which also controls the rate of the effect) and set the quantization fo the effect for an awesome tool that can be used live in your performances as well as in productions.
  • STITCH – Combining a stack of Glitch Effects with a Step Sequencer seemed like a good idea, add in the option to randomise the selection on each pass turned it into a genius one!
  • MASHUP – MashUp works on a sample based affair, drop in any sample and set it going to create instant glitchcore, you can control the repeat rate & then dial in the probability of each effect.
  • SCRUBBER – If you’ve been looking for a pseudo DJ scratching effect in Ableton Live then Scrubber may just be what you’re looking for. It buffers incoming audio and then lets you scrub a play-head around it via MIDI, with auto-scrub and different gating options this MaxforLive device is a lot of fun!

The Glitch Pack is available for purchase for £25 GBP.

More information: Isotonik Studios / Glitch Pack