Ivy Audio has launched Carpenter Trombone, Clare Solo v2, and Scott Drums, three free sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Carpenter Trombone is an extremely detailed library of a tenor trombone, performed in a professional studio and captured using state of the art equipment.

Ivy Audio Carpenter Trombone

This library features “comprehensive legato”, with every single legato transition leading into a full sustain, designed to provide a realistic legato performance.

The library also includes staccatos with multiple round robins and articulations.

Version 2 of Clare Solo features the same singer as the original Clare Solo, but singing a wider range of notes in a better venue with better equipment.

Ivy Audio Clare Solo v2

Clare Solo is a highly advanced solo vocal library that rivals commercial libraries in terms of recording quality, scripting, and (of course) price! Lots of planning went into making this the playable and inspiring vocal library available anywhere. Clare Solo was recorded using the same “comprehensive legato” method as Carpenter Trombone.

Scott Drums is a rock kit with tons of Round-Robin samples, dynamic levels, and articulations. Also has 11 mixable mic positions, built in FX, and a “dry mix” mode to disable mic bleed.

Ivy Audio Scott Drums

Scott Drums is Ivy Audio’s first foray into the world of percussion sampling. We took a medium sized drum kit, miced every piece individually with high quality microphones, and recorded five round robins and 8 dynamic levels across the board. The library includes everything from snare rolls to stick clicks to cymbal scrapes, with built in effects on every mic position and an advanced “dry mix” mode for a super dry and bleed-free sound.

The libraries are available for download for Kontakt (full version required).

More information: Ivy Audio