iZotope has launched a limited time sale on three of Exponential Audio’s top-quality reverb effect plugins.

We may be working from home, but you can still transport your instruments anywhere in the world with the right reverb chain. Want a drum sound from an acoustically treated recording studio? Check. A piano on stage in a 100 year old concert hall? You got it. Guitar solos from the atop the 6000 foot chasm of the Grand Canyon? Why not!

For a limited time, carry your music to new places with special deals on Exponential Audio’s most popular reverbs.

The offer includes:

  • NIMBUS ($29 USD): Natural stereo reverb with surgical controls and timbral effects.
  • R2 Stereo ($19 USD): Lush, colorful stereo reverb for music.
  • R4 ($39 USD): Historic warmth of time-tested reverb hardware units with expanded creative control.

The limited edition reverb pack with all 3 plugins is $59 USD during the promotion. The offers expire May 13th, 2021.

More information: iZotope