Plugin Boutique has announced that iZotope’s RX 7 Elements audio repair plugin is included for free with any purchase from its store through the month of August.

RX 7 Elements is the perfect introduction to the world of audio repair, offering essential tools to remove noise, clipping, clicks, and other problems that plague small studios. Get four of our best repair tools, a standalone audio editor, and the brand new Repair Assistant at an affordable price. If you’re just getting started in the world of home recording or need a quick fix for problematic production audio, RX 7 Elements is your go-to solution.

New to version 7 is the game-changing Repair Assistant, an intelligent helper that can detect and repair noise, clipping, clicks, sibilance and more, letting you solve common audio issues faster than ever.

RX 7 Elements features

  • Includes standalone audio editor with spectral editing.
  • Get instant audio repair solutions with Repair Assistant.
  • Remove unwanted background noise with Voice De-noise plug-in.
  • Eliminate clicks and pops with De-click plug-in.
  • Remove buzz and grounding issues with De-hum plug-in.
  • Fix clipped audio takes with De-clip plug-in.

Purchase anything at Plugin Boutique before the end of August 2020 and RX 7 Elements will be added to your cart at no charge.

Make sure to check the deals page as products on sale are also valid for this promotion.

More information: Plugin Boutique