Isotonik Studios has announced the release of the Factorsynth 2 by J.J. Burred, a major update to the Max For Live device that uses a data analysis algorithm called matrix factorization to decompose any audio clip into a set of temporal and spectral elements.

After 2 years of the initial release comes Factorsynth 2, the first major update. Following many user suggestions and requests, version 2 is an even more versatile yet easier to use device, with a simplified workflow and numerous new features.

It is now possible to individually pan the components, allowing to do things such as upmixing a mono clip to stereo. Another powerful new feature is the quantized shifting of the components, which allows changing the rhythmic structure of riffs and drum loops. A second, alternative decomposition algorithm is available, as well as a more detailed control of the playback region.

FactorSynth 2 is available for purchase for 49 EUR ex. VAT. The update is free for current users of Factorsynth.

More information: Isotonik Studios