Fabrizio Poce has released an updated version of the free Max for Live device J74 HarmoTools, a set of devices for real-time MIDI harmonization, adapting multiple MIDI tracks by following chords and/or scales of a leading MIDI track.

The tool provides building blocks for MIDI analysis, visualization, filtering as well as creation. Included are also tools for network collaboration. For use within a Live set, eventually in collaboration with other musicians using a TCP/IP network.

Changes in J74 HarmoTools v2.0

  • New mode of operation (“adapt”) for the HarmoChordFilter which retains the structure of the original phrase doing harmonization of all notes. The original mode of operation (“fold”) is available as an alternative (using the mode selector).
  • New HarmoAdaptFilter device which follows chords and applies filtering using a scale. This expands on the “adapt”mode of the HarmoChordFilter by filtering in the context of a scale.
  • Fixes to various issues.
  • Fixes to the test live sets.

HarmoTools is available to download at no charge. Donations are welcome.

More information: J74