JackTrip Labs has announced a major update for the free JackTrip app, allowing music makers to use the free app without any additional hardware, opening up JackTrip to more performers and creatives.

The new version also incorporates an improved, more intuitive graphical user interface, making it easier than ever to join a JackTrip Virtual Studio.

“This update dramatically improves the user experience, making it easier to connect your audio interface directly to your Virtual Studio without the need for any additional hardware,” stated Russ Gavin, Chief Operating Officer of JackTrip Labs. “This makes Virtual Studio more accessible for musicians to get started for free and experience the high-fidelity experience of JackTrip.”

Thanks to its unique technology first developed at Stanford, JackTrip Virtual Studio has led the way to truly real-time music collaboration, enabling musicians to create and play music together over the internet. It delivers pristine sound with minimal time delay, so that musicians can keep the beat and stay in harmony. Thanks to these features, JackTrip creates the sense of proximity that sparks real creativity, the experience of being together in the same room even when hundreds of miles apart.

While playing music together online, musicians can also broadcast their jam sessions on the newly introduced JackTrip Radio, livestreaming their music in high fidelity to friends and fans.

JackTrip app features

  • Easy-to-use controls for a streamlined JackTrip experience.
  • One-click to join a virtual studio.
  • Connect your computer directly to your microphone and headphones, or connect your instruments to your favorite audio interface.
  • Fully integrated with JackTrip Radio allowing musicians to livestream their session.
  • Fully integrated with JackTrip Soundscapes enabling musicians to add acoustic plug-in effects.

Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, the JackTrip software is available for free download at the JackTrip Labs website.