Jamahook has announced the release of an update of the AI sound matching plugin that enables music creators to instantly find loops and beats that fit perfectly into their music projects.

Designed to become every music producer’s personal assistant, the Jamahook plugin 2.0 makes it easier to compose, produce and remix music by providing a recommendation machine for loops and beats on steroids.

Jamahook aims to provide music producers with the best possible solutions to enhance their creativity, find inspirations more intuitively and assist to finish songs more efficiently. The development of the sound matching AI is an ongoing cooperation with Fraunhofer IDMT which conducts cutting-edge research in audio analysis and is specialized in AI-based music classification technologies and deep neural networks.

The Jamahook sound-matching AI finds rhythmically and harmonically suitable music components for each musical segment by listening to the audio mix of a music project. It analyses the melodic content and automatically selects loops from a huge database that complements the current arrangement. Through pitch shifting, the AI algorithm even incorporates matches from other keys and automatically transposes them to suit the project.

Producers can audition the selections and drag out their favorites to include them in their creations, or further narrow down the search by filtering instruments, mood, genres, or loops with similar groove. The Jamahook plugin doesn’t provide playlists for songs, but a list of beats and loops that perfectly complement the source material.

For any music producer, this tool is a massive time saver to streamline the music production process and an incredible source of inspiration to help ending a possible writer’s blockade in the creative process.

The Jamahook Sound Assistant plugin is free to download and compatible with any audio software with an VST/VST3 or AU interface.

More information: Jamahook