James Peck has released the VHS Audio Degradation Suite, a free VHS tape noise and flutter simulator for Native Instruments Reaktor 6.

An audio multi-effect combining saturation, pitch modulation and noise, to emulate the imperfections of VHS tape.

VHS Audio Degradation Suite features

  • Chorus – Adds some additional pitch variation the input signal. Can also function as stereo widener.
  • Mic Emulation – Simulates the signal being re-recorded on a microphone. From “The Mic”. Adds about 15% CPU usage.
  • Preamp – Tone and Drive controls from the “Tape Mate” ensemble. This emulates the input circuit of a VCR (somewhat).
  • Slew Limiter – An idea from Tape Mate. Knob is labeled as “Wear” to simulate the age or generation of the tape.
  • Compressor – Provided to beef up input signal more and limit dynamic range.
  • 2-Band Saturator – When a generation is added to a tape, the highs get lowered and saturated (around 15khz down to 7khz). A crossover control (Split) lets you split the signal into low and high band, and saturate each separately.
  • LPF – To control the high cut of the signal. 4-Pole Lowpass filter.
  • Wow/Flutter – Emulate the tracking and speed imperfections. From “Simpler Vintape”.
  • Noise – Actual samples recorded from VHS tapes, and a regular white noise generator. Able to be inserted post or pre effects.
  • Wow/Flutter – A slightly different wow/flutter (from Tape Mate)- if a tape were re-recorded it would have additional pitch variation like this. Additional low and high cut controls.
  • Output – Option to sum to mono.

The VHS Audio Degradation Suite is a free download from the Reaktor User Library. Requires Reaktor 6, full version.

More information: VHS Audio Degradation Suite