Impact Soundworks has announced the launch of its new Kontakt instrument library Javanese Gamelan, bringing the an ancient, tuned percussion ensemble from Indonesia at your fingertips with twelve unique instruments and a custom ensemble builder.

Our sampled Javanese Gamelan (as opposed to Balinese, or Sundanese) consists of twelve instruments made from bronze in Indonesia, carefully played and sampled by composer Gonzalo Varela to capture their full clarity and nuance. We have presented them here as an ensemble with standard Western tuning, along with the option for custom microtuning scales, and authentic Pelog and Slendro scales.

Javanese Gamelan lets you customize your own ensemble or play individual instruments in their authentic forms. Whether you’re writing for soundtracks, pop music, atmospheric electronica, or New Age, we think you’ll find it incredibly inspiring – just as we did.

Javanese Gamelan features

  • 6,750 samples at pristine 24/48 quality.
  • Play with breathtaking dynamics and clarity via 16x velocity layers.
  • Full & dampened recordings.
  • 12 individual instruments: Bonang, Demung, Gambang, Gender, Gongs, Kempul, Kempyang, Kenong, Kethuk, Peking, Saron, Slenthem.
  • Beautiful wide UI for Kontakt 5.8.
  • Create your perfect sound with the custom ensemble builder patch.
  • Per-instrument tuning, timing.
  • Harmony builder, microtuning.
  • Single patches with 3 tunings.
  • Explore a universe of tonal possibilities with over 30 FX in the Console FX rack.

Javanese Gamelan is on sale for $79 USD through November 5th, 2020 (regular $99 USD). It requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

More information: Impact Soundworks