Mobius v1.1.9

Jeff Larson has updated Möbius to version 1.1.9.

Möbius is a program for the real-time creation and manipulation of audio loops. It has functionality based on the venerable Echoplex Digital Pro with Loop IV software.

Möbius is essentially 8 synchronized stereo EDP’s with the ability to copy loops and timing between them. Extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control is available. Audio content may be saved to and loaded from files.

New in v1.19

  • continuous feedback where changes to the feedback level are recorded into the next layer as it is recorded
  • the interface modes Expert, Stutter, Replace, and Flip are now supported (See the Interface Modes section for details)
  • a number of changes to the scripting language have been made

Visit the Mobius website for more information and a link to download Möbius v1.1.9.