Jeroen Breebaart Auditor Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has released a demo version of Auditor Pro, a zero-latency metering plug-in, and a beta version of AFSynth Pro, a synthesizer without MIDI.

Auditor Pro is a professional metering plugin that indicates amplitudes, RMS, peaks, clipping, mid/side signals, correlation and spectra simultaneously.

Auditor Pro features

  • Amplitude of left and right signals (with clip indication).
  • Amplitude of mid and side signals (with clip indication).
  • Peak amplitude of left and right signals.
  • Peak amplitude of mid and side signals.
  • RMS of left and right signals.
  • RMS of mid and side signals.
  • Realtime spectrum.
  • Realtime correlation (or stereo phase).

A fully functional demo version is available for Windows PC (only limitation is that it does not allow to modify the VU scale and the spectrum scale). A full version will be available soon.

FSynth Pro is an audio effect that allows to modify the envelope and filter characteristics of audio tracks as if it contained midi data.

Jeroen Breebaart FSynth Pro

FSynth Pro features the lovely Pro Series GUI.

FSynth Pro features

  • Detects new audio events in the incoming audio signals, and configures an internal synthesizer in real time to sound very similar to the detected event.
  • The envelope and filter characteristics of this internal synthesizer can subsequently be modified to drastically change the character of audio events.

FSynth Pro is currently in beta state (the beta version expires in December 2008).

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