Jksound Uplifting Trance

Jksound has announced Uplifting Trance, a new sound library featuring 190 drum sounds for trance music.

‘Uplifting Trance’ is a brand new set of sounds created specifically for Uplifting Trance music. You’ll find a selection of percussive hits designed to be used in your favourite software or hardware sampler.

All sounds have been designed from scratch to give you a fresh and unique sound.

This pack is designed for composers of Uplifting Trance but will no doubt be suitable for other Dance styles.

Uplifting Trance features

  • Includes 100 kicks, 15 claps, 26 open hats, 11 closed hats, 15 snares, 10 rides, 13 crashes.
  • 190 samples in total.

The sample pack is available from Producer Loops for £18 GBP.

More information: Jksound Uplifting Trance