Joey Sturgis Tones has announced the release of Tominator, a plugin intended to treat cymbal bleed commonly found in close-mic drum recordings.

Joey Sturgis Tones Tominator

While the plugin was designed with treating cymbal bleed in tom tracks as its name would suggest, the plugin can also be applied to other percussive elements with similar results.
Tominator uses a unique, filter-based approach to treat cymbal bleed. Built on advanced, adjustable filter automation – users are able to treat bleed in a more natural approach than gating. This approach solves the common issue of signal loss that occurs with most gate and expander alternatives. True to the company’s promise of end-user ease of use, Tominator is a utility that streamlines an engineer’s drum processing, saving them time & effort.

Tominator was developed with the anticipation that users will be loading multiple instances, such as one per drum track. With this in mind, the plugin was built to be lightweight, using minimal CPU & system resources. Users have the peace of mind knowing that any standard recording computer and DAW can handle an instance of Tominator on every drum track.

Tominator features

  • Eliminates cymbal bleed with internal moving filter.
  • Internal automated filter for effectively removing cymbal bleed.
  • Speed control for changing how fast filter works on your signal.
  • Cutoff parameter sets where the filter will stop after the transient.
  • Enables you to have more versatility when processing your drums.

Tominator for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $39 USD until December 7th, 2016 (regular $59 USD).

More information: Joey Sturgis Tones / Tominator